EMEA Client Forum – 17 November 2021

2021 has proved to be another extraordinary year. As global circumstances continue to influence the way we do business our clients manage to defy the odds, fuel innovation, and drive competitive advantage.

Join us as we review and celebrate those organisations that have been able to respond rapidly to change and innovate for the future. Hear Rimini Street’s vision to support the evolving needs of their clients and discuss ways in which you can continue to enable growth and future-proof your business-driven IT roadmap.

Date: 17 November 2021
Time: 11:00am to 13:00pm GMT
Venue: Online

We look forward to hosting you!

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Seth Ravin
Seth Ravin
CEO and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ravin is a 30-year enterprise software industry veteran who pioneered the independent enterprise software support industry. In 2005, The Enterprise Software Observer named Mr. Ravin one of the 25 next-generation leaders of the enterprise software industry. In 2010, Mr. Ravin was featured in Deal Architect CEO Vinnie Mirchandani’s new book, The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations, where he is credited with enacting a visionary, disruptive strategy for dramatically reducing the cost of information technology and ushering in a new era of customer choice.

In September 2005, Mr. Ravin launched Rimini Street, Inc. with a mission to redefine enterprise software support using innovative, next-generation support services delivered at more than a 50 percent savings in fees compared to a software vendor’s annual support program. Rimini Street currently offers support services for Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft and other enterprise software.

Emmanuelle Hose
Emmanuelle Hose
GVP & General Manager – EMEA

Emmanuelle Hose has over 25 years of proven experience in the IT industry, leading enterprise software sales, service, and development operations across 3 continents: Europe, North America, and Oceania.

After serving in several executive roles with global software companies, Ms. Hose was recently leading Rimini Street business operations across Australia and New Zealand, delivering exceptional service to our clients, accelerating sales growth, and extending the leadership position of Rimini Street in the software support market across the region. She joined Rimini Street in 2014 as a Senior Account Executive, then Sales Director, before leading the Australia and New Zealand team as their GVP & General Manager, winning multiple awards along the way.

Ms. Hose relocated to France to lead the Rimini Street expansion across EMEA. Ms. Hose holds a Bachelor of Science (2/1) Hons (Upper Division) in Information Technologies from the University of Brighton (United Kingdom).

Doug Gibson
Doug Gibson
Managing Partner, Invictus Partners

Doug, a 29+ year international IT veteran, is the Founder and Managing Partner of Invictus Partners, a software license advisory firm. Prior to setting up Invictus, Doug spent 23 years working in senior sales and advisory positions at SAP, Oracle and IBM across Australia, Asia Pacific and Africa, to drive their licensing business.

Over the last 7 years Doug and his team have been working with clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, to review and optimise their licenses, assist with software audit defence, manage their software real estate and provide digital transformation advisory.

Doug’s intimate knowledge of the licensing and auditing practices of software vendors including SAP, IBM and Oracle, has enabled him to successfully support clients in the Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Public Sector, Oil, Gas and Financial Service industries, advising on each industry’s unique licence challenges. Doug has successfully assisted his clients in reducing their overall spend with these vendors; constructing and negotiate Enterprise and Unlimited Agreements; providing advisory on their platform modernisation initiatives; and developing cloud licensing strategies.

Simon Lytton
Simon Lytton
VP Information Technology, Applications

Simon is VP Information Technology, Applications for BrandSafway, based in the UK. He has been working with ERP applications for the past 25 years, running global projects and support teams on both sides of the Atlantic. He has worked for companies including Sanofi, Starbucks, JPL and Cochlear.

His responsibilities include ERPs, Payrolls, Custom Applications, Financial Management Systems, Data Warehousing and BI Reporting. His BrandSafway team are spread globally across 12 countries and continue to support, enhance and expand the applications footprint in 30 countries. The focus is on:

  • consolidating footprint arising from M&A activity, which is an impediment to BrandSafway’s business agility
  • increasing operational effectiveness & efficiency in our global business processes
  • meeting the challenges of ever changing statutory, regulatory and tax requirements around the world
Walter Eckardt
Walter Eckardt
Head of IT, Ledvance

Walter Eckardt is the CIO at LEDVANCE, one of the world’s leaders in general lighting for lighting professionals as well as end users. He brings 30+ years of IT experience in various management positions, most of them in the semiconductor and high-tech industry. He is currently driving LEDVANCE’s way into digital future which is essentially a paradigm shift from a process driven IT towards a data driven process and tool landscape. This comes along with using SaaS solutions only to leverage leading edge technology in ML and AI.

Emerging from the general lighting business of OSRAM, the company is now owned by Chinese lighting company MLS Co., Ltd. LEDVANCE has offices in over 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries.

Agenda – all times shown in GMT

11:00 am
Emmanuelle Hose, GVP & General Manager – EMEA, Rimini Street
11:10 am
Rimini Street Update & Keynote
11:35 am
Accelerating Digital Transformation
Emmanuelle Hose, GVP & General Manager – EMEA, Rimini Street
11:40 am
Adopting a New Support Model
Simon Lytton, VP Information Technology, Applications, BrandSafway
What do you need to consider when adopting a new support model and how will it help to drive growth and the business strategy?
11:55 am
Becoming an IT-Less Digital Company
Walter Eckardt, Head of IT, Ledvance
How do you go from a traditional IT department to one that is IT-less? Find out how Ledvance have challenged conventional thinking and discover what this change looks like in today’s modern IT landscape.
12:10 pm
Rebalancing Your Relationship with Software Vendors
Doug Gibson, Managing Partner, Invictus Partners
The relationship between software vendors and a client is often seen as being one-sided. The vendors get the software deal and the ongoing revenue streams, yet the value realised by the client often doesn’t match the investment. Taking back the power over your software footprint, as well as optimising ongoing costs, is on everyone’s agenda - but is often in conflict to the software vendor's strategy. Understanding the vendor's strategies and tactics is key to ensuring you achieve your desired outcomes, while remaining compliant. Software vendors are getting more assertive in driving their next generation offerings, along with enforcing their contracts, and locking in their ongoing revenue streams. Understanding your rights and options can help achieve your cost optimisation strategy and better enable your business and transformational objectives.
12:25 pm
Panel Discussion
Emmanuelle Hose, GVP & General Manager – EMEA, Rimini Street
Seth A. Ravin, CEO & Chairman of the Board, Rimini Street
Simon Lytton, VP Information Technology, Applications, BrandSafway
Walter Eckardt, Head of IT, Ledvance
Doug Gibson, Managing Partner, Invictus Partners
12:40 pm
Emmanuelle Hose, GVP & General Manager EMEA, Rimini Street
12:50 pm
Award Ceremony and Close