How to address modern cybersecurity challenges?

Rimini Street security leaders talk about the modern security landscape and how ERP security professionals can mitigate risk and overcome the most pressing security issues. 

How CISOs put the X in CXO 

Find out how CISOs balance the challenges of an ever-evolving threat landscape, how they lead among other CXOs, and trends to watch.  

Cybersecurity Mesh Explained

Are you missing out on the benefits of cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA)? Learn more about how it can help you unify and streamline your security operations. 

Heroes in IT: Security Architect

Meet one of our security heroes, find out what drives his passion for security, and what it takes to deliver excellence in his role.

A New Approach to Security

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive approach to securing your applications and data, look no further. Rimini Protect™ provides holistic, layered security that protects you better than vendor patching alone.

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