4 keys to doing ERP consolidation right.

From savings to standardization, consolidating multiple ERP systems comes with a lot of advantages. This Gartner® Report can help you navigate the challenges, avoid some common missteps, and set your business up for a competitive advantage.

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Customized software support, without the fine print, lip service, or gotchas.

Your ERP software and business processes need to evolve. We get it. That’s why our unified support services deliver the kind of customer experience you want. You get resolution for your custom code issues, improved IT service delivery to meet project milestones, and things become more predictable. It’s part of the reason Rimini Street scores an average of 4.9 out of 5.0 in client satisfaction.

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Far-flung IT teams can feel too far and too flung.

If big IT initiatives fail, it’s usually due to a lack of resources, not effort. Our model is built to give you access to a wide range of engineering skills for your back-office systems. Expand your staff with a support service model that offers unlimited usage from a catalog of services built to absorb spikes in ticket volumes. And do it all with real interaction from real humans.


“We’ve simplified workflows and automated processes so that the rest of the business can work more efficiently on growth initiatives,acquisitions, and new product development.”

Jeff Miller, Director of Business Relationship Management, NIBCO

Go beyond patches and downtime with modern security solutions.

Protecting your enterprise apps and databases takes a proactive approach that minimizes vulnerabilities. With Rimini Street, you’re covered with tax, legal and compliance updates for nearly 200 countries that spans the globe –– and your mission critical applications. We fortify your middleware and database workloads and monitor your technology stack.


All the value without more risk when you choose unified support from Rimini Street for Oracle and SAP

When Rimini Street flexibility meets your SAP strategy.

Gain more flexibility and time to choose a next-generation system that fits your business. We can help you reduce fixed costs in your current environment and ease your migration to S/4HANA and beyond.

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Your Oracle investment should move business forward, not hold it back.

Oracle’s increasing annual maintenance fees aren’t just costing money –– they’re draining valuable resources. Back office systems are not a platform for innovation. Learn how Rimini Street can reduce operating costs, and help get you where you need to go.

See the real costs and risks of Oracle ERP

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