Fortune 500 & Global 100 companies have chosen Rimini Street third-party software support

Boost the value of your IT investments and give yourself the power to grow, innovate and compete. Partner with Rimini Street for software support. Our ultra-responsive, third-party support and managed services for Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce can save you up to 90% on your total maintenance costs, freeing up valuable funds and resources for projects that will actually move the needle for your business.

Let’s talk. Before you renew your current software maintenance or consider an upgrade just to stay supported, find out how we can help.

What Makes Rimini Street Better?

Nearly 3.4K

worldwide served

Nearly $5B

In Client
Savings to date


Call-back SLA for Critical Issues

15+ Years

Average experience
of Engineers

Supporting Your Business-Driven Roadmap

Rimini Street has redefined what IT teams can expect from their support vendors. SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel and Hyperion customers come to us for third-party support so they can focus on business innovation. With Rimini Street, clients know they can:

  • Reduce their total enterprise software support costs by up to 90% and apply those savings to projects that drive improved results for their business
  • Expect 24x7x365 support, including support  for custom code
  • Get ultra-responsive support for existing releases for a minimum of 15 years from the date they switch to Rimini Street
  • Count on 15-minute response times by a primary support engineer for P1 critical issues
  • Help avoid audits, back-handed offers or vicious end-of-support renewal cycles
  • Re-focus in-house resources from handling support cases to working on strategic initiatives

Our services range from solving day-to-day issues, customizations, interoperability, security, Tax, Legal and Regulatory updates and more.

Rimini Street's proven 14 years of service excellence helps transition clients' "lights-on" maintenance to us so they can accelerate their Business-Driven Roadmaps that drive competitive advantage and growth.

We Support Applications From…

Join Nearly 3.4K organizations, spanning Global 1000 and mid-sized enterprises—as well as health care, higher education, and government organizations—that have made the move to Rimini Street to extend the lifespan of existing software investments, modernize enterprise applications, and deliver on initiatives for business innovation and growth.

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To date, Rimini Street clients have saved nearly $5B in total software maintenance costs. Calculate how much Rimini Street can save your organization.