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Boys & Girls Club of Oakland

Urban living comes with many distractions for young children, especially during the most impressionable ages where the lure of friendship and family outside of the home can come with great risks to their future, both in safety and education. The Boys and Girls Club of Oakland (BGCO) works with the community, schools, and sponsors to create an encouraging environment where children can focus their attention on self development while receiving positive reinforcement from peers and mentors all year round. Children that enroll in the Boys and Girls Club program receive after school tutoring on homework and projects that translate into measurable results, mentorship and development of interests such as music, dance, poetry, academics and sports, and most importantly, the chance to reach their full potential as responsible, caring, successful adults.

To support BGCO's mission to "develop our community's youth into positive contributors to society," Rimini Street's President, Sebastian Grady serves as a Board Member of BGCO and is leading its efforts to make BGCO the largest, most impactful organization for children in the Oakland region. Rimini Street's partnership also includes financial and technology donations as well as a commitment to support volunteer activities throughout the year.

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