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Lake Elementary School

According to the latest studies on child literacy in America, one in 4 children grow up without learning how to read. It has been proven there is a direct correlation between illiteracy and academic failure, juvenile delinquency, as well as an increased risk of living below the poverty line for the rest of their adult lives. The problem extends into and sometimes even starts from the homefront, with parents also not knowing how to read or write, therefore unable to help their children with their studies.

Lake Elementary School in San Pablo, California, is one of the schools we have partnered with to combat this serious problem. To support their mission to educate not only the students but also the parents through their Child and Adult Literacy program, the Rimini Street Foundation donated much needed laptops to be used in their Learning Center. We are rooting for the success of our future generation and look forward to seeing positive results unfold for the children and families of Lake Elementary School!

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