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MacMillan Cancer Support

Rimini Street is always ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work! And when it comes to supporting our community, we never shy away from a challenge. On a chilly April afternoon, that's exactly what the Rimini UK Team did - we donned our matching power shirts and participated in the annual Castle Triathlon Series, a 4-day event that hosts over 100 teams at Canary Wharf for a biking, running, and swimming challenge. Proceeds from the event including registration fees are donated to UK's largest cancer health care group, Macmillan Cancer Support, to provide treatment, financial aid, and counseling for those affected by cancer. 

Enjoy the photos of our colleagues who worked up quite a sweat running full speed on an incline treadmill, biking on a stationary bicycle with the resistance cranked up, and swimming against the current in an endless pool, all the while having a blast. We are so proud of our Team UK and look forward to participating in next year's event!  

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