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SEWA International – Rosharon, Texas

Hurricane Harvey of 2017 was considered one of the most devastating hurricanes in the history of America, claiming the lives of 107 individuals and causing mass flooding and loss of homes and property in several southern states and nearby islands. Hundreds of thousands of residents were left homeless, displaced, and in dire need of help from rescue and relief organizations that immediately came to assist.

The road to recovery however, is a long one and arduous one. There are still many communities and individuals who are without homes and basics including the farmers in a rural town of Rosharon in Texas. Rimini Street partnered with SEWA International, a relief organization that specializes in recue and rehabilitation efforts around the globe, to help with a home they were building for a family whose main source of income is growing of spinach and squash. For more than one year, this family which consists of 4 adults, have been living in a makeshift wooden, plastic shack next to their newly resurrected greenhouse. It has been and still is a difficult situation for this family, living in a temporary shelter that is dank with mold and decay, waiting for their home to be finished and ready for move in.

As a part of our Texas Team Volunteer Month 2018, Rimini Street colleagues helped to mud the roof prior to its sanding and painting project scheduled for the following week. We feel immensely grateful to SEWA for allowing us to participate in this project and to have met the family who lives with much hope despite everything they have been through. Thank you SEWA and thank you to all the supporters of Rimini Street, for giving us this opportunity to help our community in its healing stages.

*About SEWA: With 100% of their members servings as volunteers, this allows them to direct all their donations towards the needs of the communities they are strengthening. If you would like to make a donation to SEWA's ongoing relief efforts in Texas, please visit their website.

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