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Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society

Thalassemia is not a word one may hear often, but it is a word that directly affects 4.5% the world population (roughly 250 million) today. Historically, people of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African, and East Asian origin have carried the Thalassemia trait in their genes as a protection against malaria. Today, Thalassemia is a serious genetic blood disorder that reduces the amount of hemoglobin (red blood cells) produced in the body. Patients who suffer from Thalassemia become anemic and unable to carry a sufficient supply of oxygen to various parts of the body. Without repeated blood transfusions and supplements, it causes organ failure and death at a young age.

In Rimini Street India, dozens of our colleagues stepped forward during our first Thalassemia & Sickle Cell Society Blood Drive to donate a part of themselves to the cause. We are so proud of our team members and applaud their generosity and kindness in giving to others, the priceless gift of life. Thank you Rimini Labs and all those who made our first blood drive a true success!

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