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The Child Center

Alarming statistics indicate 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys in America fall victim to sexual abuse before the age of 18. Adding to this frightening discovery, there are thousands more who are physically and verbally abused or bear witness to violence in their homes every single year. Predators are often adults that the children live with, likes or loves. As one can imagine, abuse during a child's most formidable years can lead to difficult times ahead as they fight to deal with the unjust circumstances brought upon them.

At The Child Center, professionals who understand the sensitive nature of disclosure by a young victim work directly with the child and non-offending guardian to minimize the trauma that can come from a demanding investigation process. The Child Center provides a safe environment where interrogations, medical examinations and counseling are held with as little invasion to the victim as possible. While we hope child abuse is one day a story of the past, Rimini Street Foundation has partnered with The Child Center to purchase an IT System that will allow for faster processing of interviews and bring the victims one step closer to closure and healing.

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