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World Vision

Since 1950, World Vision has provided aid to tens of millions of people across 90 countries with programs designed to uplift an entire nation through education, training, financial aid, donations and humanitarian projects. The goal is to create sustainable communities where people can live, grow, and succeed by gaining independence from relief programs which are only short-term solutions to greater, deep-rooted issues. Today, World Vision is one of the largest charity organizations in the world and its impact goes beyond saving lives; they are helping citizens take charge of their own future and shape it for the better.

In support of World Vision's mission, Rimini Street's Team Texas gathered at the Dallas location to participate in their Clothing Sorting program . We unboxed thousands of new t-shirts, jeans, dresses, and sweaters donated by Abercrombie & Fitch, sorted them by size, and repackaged them in World Vision boxes to be sent overseas to the Middle East and Africa for donation. And to finish off a wonderful event, we made a financial contribution which we hope will add a little extra love to their Clothing Donation program. Thank you World Vision for a fantastic afternoon and for the enormous amount of work you do to improve the lives of so many around the globe.

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