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Rimini Street Delivers New Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Updates


Proven Global Provider with More Than 60,000 Tax, Legal and Regulatory Updates Delivered

LAS VEGAS, October 14, 2013 — Rimini Street, Inc., the leading third-party maintenance and support provider for enterprise software, including SAP AG’s (NYSE:SAP) Business Suite and BusinessObjects software and Oracle Corporation’s (NYSE:ORCL) Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, E-Business Suite, Oracle Database, Hyperion and Oracle Retail software, today announced delivery of its latest global tax, legal and regulatory updates. Rimini Street’s updates include the 2013-E update for PeopleSoft licensees and updates for SAP licensees, as needed. The updates provide clients with significant new tax, legal and regulatory changes required for the U.S. and Canada, as well as Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore and the UK. Through an innovative combination of patent-pending tax, legal and regulatory research technology, methodology and ISO 9001-certified development processes, Rimini Street ensures clients receive the most accurate deliverables with the fastest “legislature-to-live”SM update delivery cycle in the industry.

U.S. and Canadian Updates
For clients in the U.S., Rimini Street delivered tax, legal, and regulatory updates at the federal, state and local levels, many of which are effective January 1, 2014. At the U.S. federal government level, Rimini Street delivered guidance related to the federal tax treatment of employee benefits for legally married same-sex couples. This guidance was required following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that struck down a key section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

At the state level, Rimini Street delivered updates to Unemployment Insurance (UI) Taxable Wage Base figures for several states, as well as increases to minimum wage amounts and garnishment rules. Rimini Street also revised personal allowance amounts and withholding tables, and provided changes to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) in its most recent update. At the local level, numerous local tax changes were included for California, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The "Year-End Processing 2013 U.S. Reference Guide" was also delivered, containing detailed information on the data set-up, processing and printing of year-end tax forms.

For clients in Canada, Rimini Street provided instructions for preparing year-end reporting, in addition to a provincial tax table update for Manitoba. Rimini Street is closely monitoring information from the Canada Revenue Agency, as well as Revenu Québec, for tax changes that will be delivered in December and effective in January 2014.

Global Updates for Australia, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore and UK

With tax, legal and regulatory delivery capabilities for nearly 200 countries, Rimini Street recently provided many required tax, legal and regulatory updates to its global clients, including those in Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, the UK and Portugal.

For example, in Australia, Rimini Street delivered additional changes to Superannuation calculations to ensure all clients are in compliance. In Mexico, the Company delivered State Payroll Tax rate updates for the state of Quintana Roo.

Currently, Rimini Street also is developing many critical upcoming updates in support of its clients' global needs. For example, in Brazil, the Company is planning to support changes to the Brazilian Electronic Invoice (NF-e) 3.10, effective March 2014. In addition, Rimini Street is developing reporting and changes to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) for Singapore, effective 2013. In Germany, Rimini Street is planning to release updates related to the amendment to Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation. In the UK, the Company is reviewing data changes for Real Time Information (RTI) in preparation for start of year 2014-2015. In Portugal, Rimini Street is developing updates related to Instruction of Banco de Portugal No 27/2012 regarding financial transactions outside of the country.

Rimini Street will continue to track and deliver many other potential tax, legal and regulatory updates needed by its clients for the upcoming year-end. 

Industry-Leading Tax, Legal & Regulatory Research and Technology

Rimini Street’s tax, legal and regulatory strategy and scoping team is made up of veteran tax specialists, attorneys and international tax, legal and regulatory professionals who use patent-pending technology and numerous government and private-sector sources to monitor, collect and verify tax, legal and regulatory changes. These sources include more than seven thousand government web sites and information resources for 24,000+ localities in nearly 200 countries.

Rimini Street also participates as a member in many prominent tax, legal and regulatory associations around the world, including the American, Canadian and Australian Payroll Associations, the American Bar Association Section of Taxation and the Tax Executives Institute. The innovative combination of technology, proven methodology and ISO 9001 quality processes consistently assures the fastest “legislature-to-live”SM update delivery cycle and highest quality deliverables in the industry.

Proven and Reliable Global Delivery

“Rimini Street has delivered more than 60,000 tax, legal and regulatory updates since 2005 to help hundreds of clients around the world stay compliant and continue to run mission-critical operations day after day,” said Paul Henville, Rimini Street group vice president, global development. “Our team of tax, legal and regulatory experts are committed to providing the most timely, reliable and comprehensive tax, legal and regulatory updates in the industry through our ISO-certified processes and patent-pending research technology and methodology.”

About Rimini Street, Inc.

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