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With no PeopleSoft 9.3 on Oracle’s current roadmap, many PeopleSoft customers are beginning to question the amount of incremental value they are getting from their PeopleSoft updates. In fact, nearly 50% of PeopleSoft customers recently surveyed had not rolled out a single new feature to end-users in 9.2.
Rimini Street saves PeopleSoft customers at least 50% on maintenance and support, so they can save now and fund current business priorities without interruption.

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Learn about the future of Oracle's roadmap for PeopleSoft - attend this short on-demand webinar to learn about how key trends with PeopleSoft applications:

  • All versions before release 9.2 are no longer “Fully Supported” according to Oracle– creating support gaps
  • Oracle has no PeopleSoft 9.3 currently on their roadmap, but has simply extended support through 2031 for 9.2
  • Nearly 70% of customers do not stay current with PeopleSoft 9.2 updates
  • Roughly 50% of customers have not applied a single new feature in PeopleSoft 9.2
  • Nearly 87% of 9.2 images contain zero updates for one or more of your PeopleSoft modules - download analysis of over 800 PeopleSoft 9.2 updates

(source: Oracle Lifetime Support Policy Guide - Oracle Applications)

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