NEW Gartner Report: Launch and Sustain IT Cost Optimization Programs

This recent report explains Gartner's S-A-V-E methodology, an actionable step-by-step guide to engage cross-team communities to identify, analyze, validate and report IT cost optimization ideas. Clients often start with this type of process to determine the short and long-term business impact they can achieve when saving on their total software support costs - up to 90% with expert independent support.

Gartner’s S-A-V-E methodology explained! Download report today.

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Expect more from a support partner. Through unified support services delivered by a team of seasoned engineers and domain experts, we help organizations get more value from existing enterprise software investments while saving up to 90% of total software maintenance costs. Learn why CIOs around the world have chosen Rimini Street to free up funding and resources so they can drive competitive advantage and growth.

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Join Nearly 3.4K organizations, spanning Global 1000 and mid-sized enterprises—as well as health care, higher education, and government organizations—that have made the move to Rimini Street to extend the lifespan of existing software investments, modernize enterprise applications, and deliver on initiatives for business innovation and growth.

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To date, Rimini Street clients have saved nearly $5B in total software maintenance costs. Calculate how much Rimini Street can save your organization.