Client Case Priority Descriptions

Client Support Priority Level Business Implications
Priority 1 (P1) Production issue where a supported Covered Product is completely unavailable to users or is working at a severely degraded capacity/performance level for multiple users that makes Covered Product unusable;
                                  - or - 
Production issue has a major impact to external client/customer;
                                  - or -
Production issue is impacting revenue or time sensitive regulatory compliance AND no acceptable workaround exists.
Priority 2 (P2) Production issue where a supported Covered Product's functionality has become limited or is working at marginally degraded capacity or performance for multiple users AND no acceptable workaround exists;
                                  - or -
Issue where a Covered Product component is unavailable or is working at a severely degraded capacity/performance AND an acceptable workaround exists.
Priority 3 (P3) Issue where a single user is unable to use a Covered Product or a component of a Covered Product that is necessary for the user to perform their primary work activities; or
Issue that is not critical is encountered with the Covered Product that leads to a minimal loss of functionality, capacity or performance;
                                  - or -
A feature is unavailable where another can be readily used (i.e. routing to a different printer).
Priority 4 (P4) General request for information or "how to" (Q&A);
                                  - or -
Report of event not causing impact to work operation or production.

Please refer to your Client Agreement for specific terms pertaining to your company.