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SAP S/4 HANA – the numbers and the business case


Getting clarity on SAP S/4 HANA has not been easy. In this piece, Den hopes to have finally cracked the nut.

Cloud and the evolving nature of IT support


The ascendancy of cloud, particularly as its use has spread from ‘satellite’ applications into the core, has some important implications for the future of enterprise support. Andrew Powell, APAC managing director, Rimini Street spoke to Freya Purnell about what these trends mean for the company.

6 Out of 10 SAP Customers Would Not Buy SAP Again, Nucleus Research Analysis Finds


9 out of 10 ERP customers would not consider a future investment in S/4HANA

Two SAP user groups take landmark position on digital transformation – an inside look


Immediately prior to Sapphire Now and the ASUG Annual Conference, two of SAP’s most influential user groups – ASUG and DSAG – published a landmark position paper on digital transformation. I caught up with ASUG CEO Geoff Scott on our diginomica video couch; here’s my review and analysis.

SAPPHIRE 2016 – day 1 – customers raise the S/4HANA stakes


Customers are being given a heavily sugar coated dose of love and affection from senior SAP executives. What’s behind this? Read on.

Sapphire Now will focus on S/4HANA and cloud strategies


Industry analysts expect to get detailed information about the viability of the S/4HANA platform and SAP's cloud strategies at the Sapphire Now user conference.

SAP cloud offering lacks clarity – user group survey


The UK & Ireland SAP User Group has released findings from a survey which state only 58% of current SAP users are considering or using its cloud offerings, and 60% said the company were not good enough at communicating the benefits of their products.

SAP pre-announces revenue miss for Q1 FY2016, maintains full year guidance – an analysis


SAP slipped up on closing deals in Q1 FY2016. Of itself that’s not important. The bigger issue is how SAP plugs what is a gap with S/4 HANA. Right now there’s little detail upon which to go but there are plenty of questions we can ask.

Does SAP S/4HANA make Business Suite obsolete?


SAP has made it clear S/4HANA is Business Suite's future, but that doesn't mean the older ERP platform will go away anytime soon – or that the migration path is clear.