New Support Program for BlueCross BlueShield Association Members and Affiliates

Simplified procurement and discounted pricing on ERP software support

Rimini Street is the global leader in providing independent, third-party enterprise software support services to over 3700+ companies worldwide, including 164 of the Fortune 500 and Global 100 to date. Rimini Street replaces the annual support you currently receive from Oracle and SAP, guaranteeing 50 percent savings on annual maintenance fees and up to 90 percent savings on total support costs.

Through a new, first of a kind program, BlueCross BlueShield Association (BCBSA) members and affiliates now have access to discounted pricing and simplified procurement of Rimini Street third-party support services.

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Discounted Pricing and Simpler Contracts

This special program increases the Rimini Street guaranteed savings for BCBSA members and affiliates through a group buying discount. This delivers >50% savings on annual maintenance and support fees for Oracle and SAP, as well as discounts for specific Rimini Street billable advisory services, such as Cloud Advisory & Software License Advisory services.

In addition, Rimini Street and the BCBSA have created a standardized master agreement to simplify and accelerate procurement of Rimini Street support and services, and include additional benefit terms for pre-pay and multi-year contracts

On-demand Webcast

Watch this in-depth overview to learn more about Rimini Street independent, third-party support and the special BCBSA program created for association members and affiliates. Topics include: challenges facing health insurers today; the impact of following a vendor-dictated roadmap; and benefits of following a Business-Driven Roadmap powered by Rimini Street.

Key Benefits To BCBSA Members & Affiliates

Eliminate overspending on Oracle and SAP support

Drive out costs and increase cash positions – saving >50% on annual maintenance and support fees for Oracle and SAP, including preferred cost programs for BCBSA members and affiliates.

Focus on strategic priorities

Break the legacy vendor-dictated cycle of continuous software upgrades and updates the vendor forces just to keep support and instead shift budget and resources to the needs of healthcare insurance industry today – ex: home health and wellness, telehealth and digital engagement.

Accelerate and simplify procurement

Leverage a newly developed eligible purchase agreement (EP) agreement to speed the contract process, mitigating legal and overhead expenses. Leverage pre-negotiated pricing and a stream-lined process to get the BCBSA organization to third-party support.

Liberate IT staff

Higher quality and more responsive support, including faster response times, assigned expert engineers, customizations and TL&R included for Oracle and SAP software allows IT teams to spend less time dealing with support for their ERP.

Gain trusted & vendor-neutral guidance

Leverage informed and expert advisory services on critical areas of your Oracle and SAP strategy, including software licensing and cloud computing, from a trusted partner that understands your unique environment.

Service Highlights for Oracle & SAP Licensees

Rimini Street emphasizes a full service versus self-service model for ERP support, publicly measuring and reporting an average of 4.8/5 client satisfaction and has received over 100 individual and company awards for customer service over the past decade. In addition to standard break-fix support at >50 percent discount compared to current Oracle and SAP costs, BCBSA members and affiliates also gain access to significantly improved quality of support:

Named, regional Primary Support Engineer

Each client is assigned a Primary Support Engineer (PSE); all PSEs have an average of 15 years of experience.

24/7 support, 10-minute response time for critical issues

Get product support services when they are needed. Rimini Street guarantees a 10 minute or less response time for P1 critical issues. Average response time is less than five minutes.

Application and data fixes

Experienced Rimini Street engineers develop fixes that directly address specific client issues. Quickly deploy just the fixes needed.

Customization fixes

Nearly every business customizes the vendor code to ensure it works for their business needs. Rimini Street supports customizations at no extra charge.

Configuration support

Software product support experts provide support and best practices advice. Rimini Street PSEs have “been there, done that.”

Documentation-only fixes

When code and data changes aren’t needed to address an issue, Rimini Street provides detailed instructions for resolving it.

Operational support

Get expert advice and solutions for security, infrastructure, platform, performance, and change management needs to optimize operations.

Tax, legal, and regulatory updates

Get compliant and stay compliant with software product support services and updates from Rimini Street without the cost and disruption of version upgrades.

Account management

Rimini Street Account Managers serve as the single business point of contact to help clients maximize the value of return on ERP investments.

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