Gartner Report: Third-Party Support Reduces Costs, Drives Innovation

This must-read report from Gartner enables IT leaders and sourcing/procurement/vendor management personnel to identify the trends and impacts of pursuing digital transformation in tandem with cost control. The predictions and recommendations include why you should evaluate third-party support as an alternative to direct vendor support in order to maintain high-performing, existing software.

Gartner Predicts 2020: Negotiate Software and Cloud Contracts to Manage Marketplace Growth and Reduce Legacy Costs
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What Makes Rimini Street Better?


Clients worldwide


In client savings to date


Minute call-back SLA for critical issues


Years average experience of engineers

Expect more from a support partner. Through unified support services delivered by a team of seasoned engineers and domain experts, we help organizations get more value from existing enterprise software investments while saving up to 90% of total software maintenance costs. Learn why CIOs around the world have chosen Rimini Street to free up funding and resources so they can drive competitive advantage and growth.

Why Clients Choose Rimini Street


“When we make a call to Rimini Support, someone we know answers the phone and starts dealing with the problem immediately.”

Dave Jackson CIO
Bausch + Lomb

“Rimini Street is phenomenal — rapid response, unquestioning support of our customizations, and help in areas that go way beyond day-to-day support. Rimini Street has done a great job and we value the stability of our partnership.”

Brian Baggett Director Business Technologies
Jones Packaging Inc.

“The Rimini Street team helped show us a path to freeing up capital so we could enhance our existing platform’s functionality and performance instead of executing costly and large-scale upgrades. When I delivered the recommendation to our senior leadership team, and, more importantly, to the owners of the company, they were very appreciative of the savings we were able to produce from this move.”

Rick Jankura Chief Financial Officer
Multnomah County

“We seriously evaluate every taxpayer dollar we spend; optimizing costs is of paramount importance. When I learned about Rimini Street, I was intrigued by the opportunity to get better support than we had with SAP and also streamline our costs. Looking back, I’d make the switch sooner if I could.”

Bob Leek CIO

Join 3,500+ organizations, spanning Global 1000 and mid-sized enterprises—as well as health care, higher education, and government organizations—that have made the move to Rimini Street to extend the lifespan of existing software investments, modernize enterprise applications, and deliver on initiatives for business innovation and growth.

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