Other Companies Do Software. We Do Support.

Partnering with Rimini Street to support your business-critical ERP and database applications helps your business extract more value from your IT investments to invest in innovation and growth. With a focus on ultra-responsive, expert support for Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, plus Microsoft and IBM databases, clients can save up to 90% on total maintenance costs, freeing up valuable funds and resources.

Expect more from your ERP and database vendors.
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What Makes Rimini Street Different?


Clients worldwide served


In client savings to date


Minute call-back SLA for critical issues

We can cut your total maintenance support costs up to 90%… helping you to fund innovation to drive growth

We’ve supported %signed-clients-lowercase-first% Oracle and SAP clients, saving them %client-savings-lowercase-first%.

Rimini Street clients receive:

  • Custom code support for their ERP at no extra cost
  • Quicker resolutions than those sticking with ERP vendor-supplied services
  • Fast call-backs within %sla-mins-number% minutes or sooner
  • Regular tax, legal, and regulatory updates
  • And more

Join %signed-clients-lowercase-first% organizations, spanning Global 1000 and mid-sized enterprises—as well as health care, higher education, and government organizations—that have made the move to Rimini Street to extend the lifespan of existing software investments, modernize enterprise applications, and deliver on initiatives for business innovation and growth.

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