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Holistic protection for known and unknown vulnerabilities

Vendor patches usually only address security vulnerabilities that have been discovered, rather than sophisticated new vulnerabilities that get exploited in what can seem like the blink of an eye. Rimini Protect™ for SAP fortifies each layer of your mission-critical ERP against today’s evolving threat landscape without many inherent risks of a vendor patch-management strategy.

IT security expert warns against relying solely on vendor patching

If you had to choose between two security options, you wouldn’t pick the one that’s risky, disruptive, reduces productivity, and impacts revenue. In this report, an Aberdeen cybersecurity expert presents an eye-opening analysis comparing vendor patching with a virtual security approach.

Strengthen your security posture with Rimini Protect

Rimini Protect security services and solutions help you proactively lead your own ERP security efforts rather than relying solely on software vendors. Rimini Protect is smart, always-on, and tailored to your specific IT environment, providing zero-day protection for your applications, middleware, and databases.

Introducing Rimini Protect: Comprehensive, Zero-Day IT Security

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Are vendor patches alone sufficient?

If you’re still using only vendor patches, should you?
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Break the cycle of vendor patching

Cybersecurity expert Derek Brink explains why vendor patching is “never-ending” and “inevitably unsuccessful.”
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