Rimini Street 管理チーム

Dean Alms, グループバイスプレジデント、米国営業-西部地域担当

Mr. Alms heads up Global Product Strategy for Rimini Street. In this role he is responsible for defining the company vision, strategy and roadmap for support services as clients aggressively transition from on-premise packaged software to a hybrid infrastructure of cloud, hosted and on-premise applications. Dean also leads the Strategic Services Group, a team of strategic advisors and domain experts focused on security, advanced technology, strategic roadmaps and software ROI.

Mr. Alms has been defining corporate and product strategy in technology-based companies for more than 25 years, primarily for enterprise software and service providers. Prior to Rimini Street, he led strategic initiatives at a variety of companies and startups including Veeva Systems, PeopleSoft, Milyoni, Agistics, KPMG Consulting and Groundswell Consulting.

Mr. Alms is known for defining bold visions, compelling strategies and innovate products for software developers and service providers. As a thought leader, he is a speaker at industry events, author of white papers and blogs, and a trusted source of ideas and innovation for technology-based organizations. He has also been active in the community serving on the board and as president of JDRF of the Greater Bay Area.

Mr. Alms holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University's School of Management.