Cari Jaquet

VP, Integrated Marketing

Cari Jaquet

Cari Jaquet is a full-stack marketer who has run end-to-end marketing for very large companies including SAP, McAfee and Hyperion, as well as small startups and turn-arounds. At Rimini Street, she is responsible for globally-deployed campaigns that drive awareness, leads and pipeline.

Prior to joining Rimini Street in 2018, Ms. Jaquet led marketing communications and the global demand center for Zscaler, a leading cloud security company. Prior to that, she was VP of Marketing at Paxata, which she joined as employee 13, reporting to the CEO. In addition to launching the brand, the company website and a highly targeted marketing campaign, she coined the term “self-service data preparation” and established Paxata as a leader in that category.

Earlier in her career, she led a team of campaign managers at Hyperion and the product introduction team for corporate performance management products at SAP (including the post-merger integration of BusinessObjects). At McAfee, she consolidated marketing campaign planning and delivery for a highly fragmented field marketing organization.

Ms. Jaquet’s methodology for developing integrated campaigns has produced tangible business results for more than 15 years, and her love for analytics gives her a unique approach to segmentation, category development and content strategies.

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