Jones Packaging repackages its SAP ERP support with Rimini Street


In this Q&A, Diginomica interviews the CFO of Jones Packaging where he discusses the importance of receiving support from Rimini Street for their highly customized, stable SAP environment and explains how Jones avoided a costly, unnecessary upgrade.

Open Universities leverages Rimini Street support for Oracle HR platform


Enterprise software products and services provider and leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products Rimini Street has announced that Open Universities Australia (OUA) has selected it to support its heavily customised Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions platform.

NASDAQ welcomes Rimini Street


Enterprise Times assesses Rimini Street’s decision to go public and how it could potentially use the additional funds to expand its global footprint, as well as provide new services for customers.

New report says users aren't eager for SAP S/4HANA migration


This article highlights key findings from Rimini Street’s survey of SAP licensees including the fact that most SAP users have no plans to migrate to S/4HANA. Vinnie Mirchandani of Deal Architect is quoted, stating that an S/4HANA migration was a tough sell for SAP because until the recent introduction of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the implementation options for S/4HANA were limited to on-premises and private cloud. The two other main reasons he cites are the lack of maturity in the product and the high cost of migration.

SAP customers sticking with existing ERP solutions


In this article, the reporter highlights some of the key points from a recent Rimini Street survey of SAP licensees, stating that SAP appears to be struggling to get users to move to its S/4HANA offering as they are quite happy sticking with their existing ERP products from the vendor. For most users the mantra of 'if it ain't broken' applies with most also worried about the costs and potential problems caused by migration.

Most SAP users plan to stick with older ERP due to costly Hana migration


Recent Rimini Street survey of SAP customers highlights significant issues with SAP’s support strategy. The key issues raised were “Issues take too long to resolve,” “Lack of support for customisations,” and, “Lack of expertise or adequate knowledge to resolve issues.”

Rimini Street: Markets Love Choice


In this post, Vinnie Mirchandani outlines the evolution of Rimini Street’s third party service offerings –cost savings, customizations, customer service – with the expansion to now support include IBM, Microsoft and SAP (Sybase).

Rimini Street to Offer Database, Security Services


In this article, ZDNet’s outlines two key initiatives for Rimini Street – expansion, by offering support for a series of enterprise databases as well as launching additional security services. Rimini Street support services now include six databases from IBM, Microsoft and SAP (Sybase) and will consist of configuration assistance, issue resolution, health checks, technical and tuning help, and security. Additionally, Rimini Street has launched a database effort in partnership with McAfee to monitor and analyze database traffic and block attacks via a technology called virtual patching.

Rimini Street refinances in style


Insightful Analysis of the Definitive Merger Agreement between Rimini Street Inc and GP Investments Acquisition Corp. The article discusses what it will enable Rimini Street to do in terms of its long-term strategy and ability to expand its customer footprint. It also considers the impact on Oracle and SAP regarding their support strategies and puts forward an argument that there may come a point when there are more customers supported by Rimini Street than the software vendors.

HoF puts more traffic down Rimini Street


Analysis of the decision by leading UK retailer, House of Fraser, to ask Rimini Street to extend its support beyond Oracle E-Business Suite to the retailer’s Oracle Database estate. The article discusses how the savings in maintenance fees could potentially support international expansion plans and the digital transformation of the company. It goes on to talk about the key benefits of working with Rimini Street including its excellent service, knowledgeable staff and willingness to pull out all the stops.

House of Fraser commits more Oracle support to Rimini Street


Short analysis piece on House of Fraser adding support of its Oracle Database estate to relationship with Rimini Street. It highlights how this approach has the potential to offer customers greater choice and bargaining power when it comes to negotiating with vendors such as Oracle, as well as dramatically reducing their maintenance fees.

Dodging digital transformation's Catch-22


Rimini Street’s Peter Dunn, director of public sector UK, talks about the dilemma facing local government organisations as they attempt to fund digital transformation. He believes the IT industry has a crucial role to play in helping the public sector to best manage their budgets and show greater flexibility in dealing with customers. Rather than simply driving customers to replace legacy systems IT vendors should help customers to develop more innovative strategies that match their needs.

The Hidden Truths of Oracle Database Support


Companies might be using more databases and versions of databases than they are aware of and there is a good chance that they are running these databases under the false belief that they’re fully supported. In this article, Hari Candadai, GVP of Product Marketing of Rimini Street discusses the three different ways organizations can reduce their Oracle Database TCO and regain control.

How CIOs are redefining business models


In this article, Andrew Powell, Managing Director, Rimini Street APAC discusses how leaders across the C-Suite are looking to IT to enable business transformation by driving more value from their core applications.

CIO upfront: Meet the revenue-generating CIO


In the era of big data, apps and cloud computing, the role of today’s CIO is to enable the business, innovate and focus on new technology strategies to help better engage customers and drive revenue. Andrew Powell, Managing Director of Rimini Street Asia Pacific and Japan, discusses how the role of the CIO has changed from a “cost-controller” to a “revenue-generator”.