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Welcome and Introduction

The Global Onboarding Team is pleased to be among the first to welcome you to Rimini Street. Your organization has made a strategic decision to choose Rimini Street for ongoing support for SAP, and the Rimini Street team looks forward to guiding you and your organization through onboarding.

For over 15 years, Rimini Street has used and optimized this proven, straightforward onboarding methodology, helping thousands of companies like yours make the switch from software vendor support to independent, third-party support services. Rimini Street is here to help make the transition easy and seamless for you and your team, and help set your organization up to maximize the value of your existing SAP software investments, as well as the value you get from your long-term relationship with Rimini Street.As your organization transitions from SAP support to independent, third-party support from Rimini Street, it can benefit from:
  • Ultra-responsive and more comprehensive support services to help keep business critical systems running and optimized
  • Greater productivity and flexibility from existing resources to keep pace with business demands
  • Substantial operating cost savings to reinvest in other areas of the business
  • Higher ROI on your current SAP software investments
  • More time and resources to focus on other strategic initiatives, like innovation, digital transformation, and cloud strategy
Welcome and Introduction

About this Guide

The SAP Onboarding Guide is designed to give all team members that will be involved in onboarding as much information as possible in a way that’s easy to access and understand. It explains the onboarding methodology in detail and can serve as an ongoing reference throughout the process.

Key information includes:

    • An overview of the onboarding and support transition process
    • The goals and outcomes of each milestoneRoles and responsibilities for each milestone
    • How the Rimini Street team will communicate with you along the way
    • The project management and technical tools used throughout onboarding

You can feel confident that your SAP systems will be kept running consistently, securely, and in compliance while you smoothly transition from your SAP support relationship to Rimini Street Support. Rimini Street is here to ensure you have a successful and seamless transition to Rimini Street Support and that your organization will reap the full benefits of this relationship.

The Onboarding team looks forward to getting to know you and is eager to work with you.

Again, welcome!

About this Guide