Oracle Support – Speak to a dedicated support engineer within 15mins

Oracle products are the foundation of your business. You used to receive valuable new features and functionality with your regular upgrades and maintenance fees. But as the products have become more mature, the value you receive has diminished. Many licensees today find themselves forced to upgrade just to maintain vendor support. Replacing your Oracle® software support and maintenance services with third-party support enables your organization to benefit from innovation agility. By liberating your time, money and staff, you can invest in innovative programs that meet your business needs and drive growth.

Before you consider taking on a major Oracle upgrade or renewing your costly maintenance contract, talk to us. See how much you can save while gaining award-winning support services.

What Makes Rimini Street Different?


worldwide served

$4 Billion+

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Support for Oracle – Take back control of your business needs

Rimini Street has engineered the best Oracle support program in the industry. What if you could reap all these benefits while saving 50% or more?

  • Speak with a dedicated engineer who has 15+ years of experience on your first call
  • Receive a response to a critical issue within 15 minutes
  • Get support for customizations
  • Receive expert evaluation of your interoperability challenges, security requirements and future IT roadmap
  • Guarantee this support for your Oracle product(s) for a minimum of 15 years

Oracle Products Supported

Why Our Clients Chose Rimini Street for Oracle Support

Suffering from cost pressures, prioritizing and meeting user demands or limited time to learn new skills? We can help you.

Are you frustrated by Oracle's support policies? Not getting adequate value from Oracle's extended support or sustaining support? Concerned with looming desupport?

Third-party support of Oracle products can help open up your annual budget so you can transform your enterprise's capabilities without having to worry about expanding your staff or following the vendor's forced software upgrade path. Only with Rimini Street will you get better service and strategic flexibility, while cutting your costs in half compared to what you are paying the vendor today.

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To date, Rimini Street clients have saved over $4B in total software maintenance costs. Calculate how much Rimini Street can save your organization.