A Smart Path to Holistic SAP Security

Malicious parties are constantly searching for new ways to breach enterprise systems and put your valuable data at risk. SAP announces new patches each month on Patch Tuesday. Hack Wednesday is when hackers go on the attack assuming security teams haven’t implemented those patches. And those patches usually only address vulnerabilities that have been identified by the good guys, not the ones that the bad guys are exploiting, zero-day attacks, or other sophisticated attacks.   

If you’re still relying solely on vendor patches to protect your mission critical SAP assets, you could be putting your data at risk. To fully understand the risks of a patch management strategy alone, read this e-book. In the e-book, you’ll learn: 

  • Why vendor patches don’t address all vulnerabilities  
  • The benefits of a layered security, defense-in-depth approach  
  • Solutions for implementing layered security to protect against zero-day attacks  
  • Comparison of a layered security model against SAP patching alone  
See the value of a layered approach for SAP security
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