The Real Costs and Risks of Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud

The growing cost of yearly maintenance for Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud systems drain enterprise innovation budgets and resources. NCH, a global leader in industrial, commercial, and institutional maintenance products and services, saves $2.5 million a year in maintenance costs with independent, third-party support. More than just savings, they are experiencing better response times, plus greater expertise and flexibility than traditional software vendor support.

In the ebook, “The Real Costs and Risks of Oracle ERP and Oracle Cloud,” learn about Oracle support alternatives and why sticking with Oracle support might stunt enterprise growth and diminish ROI. Topics covered include:

  • Walking away from costly annual maintenance fees, and reducing the need for the expertise and resources to keep pace with Oracle updates
  • Understanding financially engineered deals that lead to vendor lock-in and long-term costs
  • Comparing the true costs of staying with your vendor’s dictated roadmap versus the role of a hybrid approach
  • Creating a Business-Driven Roadmap tailored to fit your business needs while reducing the  occurrences of overpaying for unnecessary features and modules
  • Looking at client examples of savings and benefits gained from switching to independent, third-party support

With Rimini Street independent, third-party support for Oracle ERP software, you can regain control of your IT roadmap and join the growing number of enterprises that have reallocated budget, time, and organizational talent toward growth and innovation.

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