The beauty of composable ERP is that everything is your choice. Instead of being confined to an ERP vendor’s offerings, you’re free to choose your best-fit applications and technologies.

You can replace or add components in a modular fashion, and they all work together to enable better business outcomes. The results are more-tailored functionality, accelerated innovation, and a lower total cost of ownership for existing investments.

Yet composable ERP can bring about interoperability issues triggered by changes in browsers, operating systems (OS), or email. Vendors may address the issues through code updates or patches, which can create disruption and risk. Or they may not address them at all, which is also a challenge.

In this eBook, discover how to help future-proof against common issues like:

  • compatibility issues that can arise from DIY composable ERP
  • compatibility issues that can hinder IT modernization
  • compatibility issues with browsers, OS, and email
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