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Healthcare Organizations Maintain the Wellness of ERP Investments and Fund Digital Transformation

Healthcare CIOs today are transforming healthcare service delivery to meet critical, time-sensitive public health needs. Concurrently, they are seeking opportunities to free up funds for healthcare digital transformation initiatives without decreasing services or staff.

A proven, turnkey strategy to liberate IT funds is to reduce one of the largest annual spends: vendor maintenance and application support for healthcare ERP software.

Replacing software vendor support with independent, third-party support can save healthcare enterprises up to 90% on total maintenance and support costs. It is also a huge service upgrade to exceptional, comprehensive, ultra-responsive support.

The savings can be used to help fund a growing healthcare IT wish list, such as improving cybersecurity and patient privacy; accessing predictive analytics; optimizing smart device interoperability; and sourcing cloud-based solutions.

In this eBook, meet six Rimini Street healthcare industry clients who regained control of their ERP roadmaps with help from third-party support, and invested in achieving even better patient care through:

  • staff growth
  • updating aging IT infrastructure platforms
  • enhancing analytics for better, faster decision making
  • improving electronic medical record systems
  • purchasing new medical equipment

To learn more about the benefits of third-party application support for your healthcare ERP software, download this Rimini Street eBook.

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