Strong CFO-CIO Partnerships Benefit Enterprise Digital Transformation

A strong CFO-CIO partnership is a powerful combination to combat enterprise disruption. In a 2020 defined by a global pandemic along with economic and political uncertainties, how well did CFOs and CIOs partner to help their organizations right the ship and emerge stronger?

Market intelligence firm Dimensional Research surveyed global CFOs, seeking insights on a range of enterprise digital transformation and IT spending issues. The research results included specific insights on CFO-CIO partnership dynamics such as:

  • overall perceptions of the relationship
  • effects of 2020 disruption on the relationship
  • if the relationship became stronger/worsened in 2020 and the reasons why

For a ‘behind-the-scenes’ take on high-level, enterprise digital transformation findings from over 1,500 CFO respondents from the 2021 global CFO survey report, enjoy this infographic.

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