Is your ERP roadmap on your terms or your vendors?

Ed Targett, founder and Editorial Director, The Stack hosted a Q&A session with Rimini Street client Vincent Godfrey (Strategic Commissioner, Kent County Council) and Emmanuelle Hose, GM EMEA, Rimini Street.

We answered three questions IT leaders ask when looking to modernise their ERP:

• “Is this shift as important for us as it is for the software vendor?”
• “What is the business case?”
• “What are the options?”

Kent County Council’s decision to switch to Rimini Street for third party support paved the way for a modernisation programme that meets the genuine needs of the organisation, saving up to 60% on its support and maintenance fees for its Oracle applications. This has been invested into an ERP modernisation strategy focused on meeting Kent County Council’s organisational needs, not the vendor’s timetable for unnecessary upgrades of stable applications.