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Invest in innovation and fund your ERP's future

Modernizing enterprise applications and databases costs money. That’s why planning an efficient ERP roadmap is so important.

Independent, third-party support is a powerful way to not only slash your total ERP costs, but also enhance the value of your IT investments with superior quality support and implementation.

In this informative webinar, you’ll hear two industry experts discuss how your company can:

  • Extract value from your IT investments
  • Create a roadmap for digital transformation that puts the needs of your business ahead of those of your software vendor
  • Evaluate the business case for independent, third-party support and use it as a roadmap for innovation in IT and beyond

Register now to hear Valoir Principal Analyst Rebecca Wettemann and Rimini Street Senior Director of Product Marketing Anne Plese discuss the most efficient ways to leverage your existing technology investments.

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Anne Plese
Anne Plese
Sr. Director of Product Marketing
Rimini Street

Anne has more than 20 years’ of experience in market management, product marketing and GTM strategy in the enterprise software and hardware space.

Prior to Rimini Street, she held various positions in global companies including Oracle, Verizon, Cisco, and Equinix.

Here at Rimini Street, she helps Companies understand the value that our services bring to them.

Rebecca Wettemann
Rebecca Wettemann
Valoir, Inc.

Rebecca Wettemann is CEO of Valoir, Inc., which provides research and advisory services with a focus on people apps (CRM and HCM), user adoption, and productivity. With more than 20 years of tech industry experience, Wettemann has led the market in its understanding of the value and human impact of cloud computing, CRM, HCM, AI, and emerging technologies. You can follow her on Twitter @rebeccawetteman, or read Valoir’s latest research at

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