A recent global survey of over 504 CIOs and CISOs found that 81% of respondents admit they have refrained from implementing an important security patch because of the potential impact to business operations. They are looking for more ways to improve automation and fortify their ERP systems. What if you could modernize dated, mission-critical applications without code changes? Or quickly remediate years of unpatched vulnerabilities?.

In this 30-minute session we’ll cover:

How Waratek and Rimini Street’s Global Security Solutions team is making it easier for teams to secure business-critical applications
How companies are protecting their applications from known and unknown attacks under Rimini Street support

Join Dan Ashton, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, and John Adams, CEO of Waratek as they examine traditional security and address why you may be at risk.

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Dan Ashton
Dan Ashton
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Rimini Street

Dan has an extensive background with over 17 years in enterprise product marketing and corporate marketing management as well as sales management roles. As the Senior Director of Product Marketing, he is responsible for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Technology at Rimini Street. Prior to joining our team, Dan was the Principal Product Director, Procurement Marketing at Oracle and also held key product marketing roles at SAP/Ariba. He was also a director on the marketing team at Chemdex / Ventro, the first B2B market exchange to go public in 1999.

John Adams
John Adams

John Adams is the chief executive officer of Waratek. As CEO, John has complete responsibility for developing markets and operating all aspects of the organization’s global business. John has a rich history in security and medical technology with his experience spanning more than two decades. Prior to Waratek, John served as president & COO of SecurAmerica leading the company’s expansion into nearly three-dozen new geographic markets and growing the company from 5 employees to over 5,000.