Now, more than ever, IT must rationalize technology decisions and investments based on where the business is going. To successfully create a close alignment of IT spend with business priorities, IT needs visibility into the business’ roadmap for change.

With that insight, IT can create a business-driven roadmap that helps CIOs ensure that precious IT dollars are spent where they will make the most difference. But what does a good roadmap look like?

In this 30-minute recorded session, Pat Phelan, Rimini Street VP Market Research, presents the concept of a business-driven roadmap and why you should use one. She also covers:

  • Various types of roadmaps that are commonly used
  • Guidance on the attributes of a roadmap
  • Best practices to help you successfully create a highly effective roadmap that can withstand the winds of change

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Pat Phelan
Pat Phelan
Vice President, Research
Rimini Street

Pat Phelan recently joined Rimini Street as a VP of Market Research. She is developing a product marketing research agenda that provides an ecosystem perspective and informs business decisions across critical topics – including enterprise software, third-party support, IT optimization, and application strategies.

Pat has 37 years of packaged application experience in various industries, both public and private, including commercial manufacturers, service firms, federal/state/local government and education. Prior to joining Rimini Street, she was at Gartner for 18 years providing CIOs and IT leaders with research and advice on methods and strategies for managing the ERP/business application life cycle, with a special focus on restructuring support as applications are moved to the cloud.