IT leaders are under more pressure than ever to deliver innovation and adapt applications. Though ERP systems have robust capabilities, they can also be expensive to run and hinder the agility needed keep up with the pace of change.

To evolve into a composable business that incorporates modularity and best-fit applications instead of monolithic solutions, IT teams need to rethink their roadmaps – from a product-driven strategy to an application-driven strategy.

To learn more about this shift, join Gartner Analyst, Denis Torii, for an engaging discussion on:

– The definition of composable business and the main elements of this organizational vision

– Why composable ERP is the future and how it’s enabling the composable business

– Recent trends that highlight this shift and how organizations are adapting

Date: May 26, 2022
Time: 12pm ET/9am PT
Venue: Online

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Denis Torii
Denis Torii
Sr Director Analyst

Denis Torii is an analyst in the Gartner Enterprise Operations group, currently covering composable ERP strategies, implementation methodologies and best practices for ERP application selection, implementation, and support best practices. Cloud ERP strategies and vendors, ERP governance, and third-party support for ERP are also covered by him. ERP megavendors (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle) application-related discussions are also part of his daily conversations with clients. Industries that Mr. Torii worked with in the past include automotive, agribusiness, process manufacturing, CPG, and public sector entities.

Luiz Mariotto
Luiz Mariotto
Group Vice President, Global SAP Support
Rimini Street

Luiz Mariotto is responsible for the strategy and product roadmap of entire SAP offering aligning it closely to the client’s needs, market dynamics, and competitive landscape making sure they fit into the Rimini Street’s business model. Mr. Mariotto has spent more than 30 years in the IT industry, with experience in enterprise software sales, consulting, delivery, and large-enterprise IT. He served at SAP Brazil for 15 years, where he held various leadership positions and has also worked at SAP AG headquarters, leading a global program to fast-growth markets. Prior to joining Rimini Street, he worked as Solutions & Technology Vice President (CTO) at Software AG Latin America and Sales Director at Samsung SDS.