SAP licensees face a multitude of challenges today – a constrained IT budget and increasing demand for supporting business needs and support, along with a forced upgrade by SAP to S/4HANA.

IT leaders must follow a structured approach to identify, evaluate and deliver cost-saving measures that still can deliver performance and needed innovation.

In this webinar, Greg Leiner, Vice President, SAP Field Services, and Deepa Salem, Senior Product Marketing Director from Rimini Street, discuss:

  • The current reality and the expectation from CIOs
  • Key insights from Gartner on how to respond to the mandatory IT budget cuts
  • How several SAP licensees were able to deliver on growth and innovation with third-party SAP support
  • How independent, third-party support from Rimini Street helps you save up to 90% on total ERP maintenance costs.

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Greg Leiner
Greg Leiner
Vice President, SAP Field Services
Rimini Street

Greg Leiner is a 12-year veteran with Rimini Street and has been responsible for the growth and success of the SAP practice over that span. Greg works with interested prospects on exploring their strategic options and evaluating third party support. He has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Rimini Street SAP clients in their journey to optimize their SAP spend, improve their support portfolio and make business decisions on their timelines. Greg is also a certified SAP consultant, having spent 12 years implementing SAP systems, managing and working with systems integrators across multiple complex industries.

Deepa Salem
Deepa Salem
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Rimini Street

Deepa Salem is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Rimini Street. She is responsible for the SAP marketing strategy and creating the messaging and content to help SAP leaders understand the value of third-party support with Rimini Street. She has over 15 years of experience in product and content marketing, working for many technology companies including SAP and Ensono. She also founded and built a start-up for local events marketing. Prior to that, she was a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. In the beginning of her career, she was a software engineer helping clients around the world develop and deploy custom software solutions. She has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, IL.