A recent survey conducted globally among Oracle Database customers shows 41% have plans to reduce their Oracle Database footprint – a staggering increase from 8% in 2017. Why? The two biggest reasons cited were cost and licensing compliance issues, which are complaints we hear consistently from our customers today. If you’ve been investigating strategies to reduce IT spending, you can significantly reduce support costs for your Oracle platforms and free up a significant portion of your budget to invest in innovative technologies that could help your company thrive.

In this webinar, Rimini Street and Palisade Compliance presented strategies for reducing your annual Oracle spend including:

  • Negotiating and exiting ULA agreements
  • Reducing licensing compliance risk
  • Avoiding expensive upgrades and vendor lock-in
  • Reducing annual support costs up to 50%
  • Improving annual maintenance and support for your Oracle platforms

It’s time you put the power back in your own hands. Join us to learn how you can free up your budget and follow your business-driven roadmap. Your CFO will thank you.

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Dan Ashton
Dan Ashton
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Rimini Street

Dan has an extensive background with over 17 years in enterprise product marketing and corporate marketing management as well as sales management roles. As the Senior Director of Product Marketing, he is responsible for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Technology at Rimini Street. Prior to joining our team, Dan was the Principal Product Director, Procurement Marketing at Oracle and also held key product marketing roles at SAP/Ariba. He was also a director on the marketing team at Chemdex / Ventro, the first B2B market exchange to go public in 1999.

Craig Guarente
Craig Guarente
CEO and Founder
Palisade Compliance

Craig is the CEO and founder of Palisade Compliance. Founded in 2011, Palisade Compliance is now the leading independent provider of Oracle licensing, contracting, audit defense, and cost reduction services. Palisade Compliance enables businesses to reduce their Oracle costs, stay in compliance, and take back control of their Oracle business relationship. Before founding Palisade, Craig worked at Oracle for over 15 years.