Information security expert Derek Brink of Aberdeen Strategy & Research sits down with Rimini Street’s Anne Plese to discuss the business case for virtual patching vs. vendor patching.

In this on-demand webinar, Brink likens applying software vendor security patches to being on a hamster wheel:

• vulnerabilities are discovered and publicly disclosed
• patches are (usually) made available by the vendor
• IT teams must decide if and when to implement the patches
• new vulnerabilities are discovered and publicly disclosed

Brink characterizes this as a complex, challenging, expensive, and ongoing process that includes security risks, high operational costs, business disruption, potential loss of revenue and productivity due to system downtime, and higher staffing needs.

Conversely, per Brink, a virtual patching approach substantially reduces — and in some cases substantially eliminates — these challenges.

Brink’s metrics alone, on the staggering number of vulnerabilities and the high percentage with no available vendor patches, are eye-opening.

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