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Surprising Facts About Oracle Support Programs and Why You Should Care

Every year, you likely pay 22% of your license fee to Oracle for their support. But, how do you know that it’s worth it? It is normal to expect the people who manufacture the product you use to offer the best level of support. However, that isn’t usually the case for Oracle. You’ve heard us say time and time again how third-party support provides more comprehensive coverage than Oracle does.

Premier, Extended, Sustaining, De-support, End-of-Life, Market Driven support. What do they all mean and why should you care? How does third-party support compare?

For many of you, 22% is a multi-million-dollar annual decision. Join us in this webinar as we cover what you do and don’t get with each level support as well as important transition dates.

Learn to make the best decision possible when choosing where to invest your budget. You may be surprised by what you learn!

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Dan Ashton
Dan Ashton
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Rimini Street

Dan has an extensive background with over 17 years in enterprise product marketing and corporate marketing management as well as sales management roles. As the Senior Director of Product Marketing, he is responsible for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Technology at Rimini Street. Prior to joining our team, Dan was the Principal Product Director, Procurement Marketing at Oracle and also held key product marketing roles at SAP/Ariba. He was also a director on the marketing team at Chemdex / Ventro, the first B2B market exchange to go public in 1999.

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