Can you align your IT strategy with sustainability goals and stay ahead of both regulatory and market demands? YES!

Aligning your IT strategies with sustainability goals is not only possible, but can also lead to immediate and tangible business benefits!

Join Rimini Street to learn from real-world case studies shared by industry experts on how you can implement sustainable technologies, reallocate your IT budget effectively, and drive your business forward at the same time.

Strategies where IT can help in sustainability efforts

In this Rimini Street hosted webinar, you’ll discover the impact of key technologies on sustainability and learn how to harness their powers to grow your business for fast wins and long-term gains. We’ll cover strategies for regulatory compliance, reducing carbon footprint and enhancing your brand reputation and customer loyalty through sustainable practices.

Explore with our experts:

  • Strategic sustainability. Align IT with corporate sustainability objectives to enhance strategic value and market position
  • How to refocus resources for impactful projects. Explore how sustainable IT practices can reduce overall operational costs and optimize resource allocation
  • Compliance and risk management. Navigate the complex landscape of environmental regulations through smarter IT practices
  • The benefits of innovating around your core systems. Leverage the latest technologies without the need for costly upgrades, and transform your IT operations, promoting both environmental sustainability and business growth
  • Real-world success stories. Hear case studies from leading companies that are winning the sustainability race
Explore with our experts:
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