Getting the Most from Your Support for Oracle Siebel Software

Oracle Siebel software applications are robust and proven, yet can present several pain points for licensees, including:

  • no full support for Siebel software releases earlier than 8.1/8.2
  • currently no new major Siebel release on Oracle’s roadmap plan
  • uncertainty around future Siebel product roadmaps as Oracle encourages cloud solutions
  • expensive to operate, maintain, and upgrade applications, with perceived new value from Oracle support decreasing as costs increase

So how can Siebel licensees help maximize the total cost of their stable, customized systems? Minimize or eliminate upgrade/update costs and disruptions? Enable a strategic IT roadmap and fund digital transformation?

Third-party support addresses these, and more.

Read this white paper for valuable insights on optimizing support for Oracle Siebel software, including:

  • a review of Siebel software releases
  • a look at the financial and logistical realities of Oracle’s Continuous Innovation support model
  • recommendations for regaining control of your IT roadmap and paying for innovation with newly available funds from your existing IT budget
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