How Organizations Can Minimize Risk by Reviewing Their SAP S/4HANA Migration Strategy

According to the global IDG survey of SAP licensees, nine out of 10 respondents reported being happy with their current releases.1 Yet, they’re facing SAP S/4HANA migration pressure combined with the pressure to innovate, recovery from a global pandemic, and tightening budgets. Given these challenges, IT leaders need to make strategic choices that drive competitiveness and value.

If you’re debating a migration to S/4HANA or maintaining your current release, the white paper, “How Organizations Can Minimize Risk by Reviewing Their SAP S/4HANA Migration Strategy,” can help you sort through the decision. From evaluating risk through post-migration planning, this white paper covers the major considerations of making the move or staying put in four steps:

  1. Evaluating your current environment and whether making the move is financially and strategically sound
  2. Designing your ideal environment around SAP or choosing SaaS-based options to augment your existing release
  3. Preparing for an SAP S/4HANA migration and ensuring your environment is ready to take advantage of new capabilities
  4. Customizing the new environment to your business needs amid the post-migration budget challenges

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1 IDG Communications, Inc., “Navigating the Future of SAP: How IT leaders are accelerating innovation while maximizing ERP investments,” 2021

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