Procurement’s Lead Role in Reducing ERP Maintenance Costs

Most ERP licensees like their products but are frustrated with the high costs and low value of vendor support. Procurement teams can help.

Procurement professionals are in a unique position to help their IT organizations by championing independent, third-party ERP support. Third-party support delivers fast, comprehensive, high-touch services. Support for customizations, cloud advisory services, and global tax, legal, and regulatory updates are all included at no extra charge. Replacing vendor support with an experienced third-party support provider could save IT organizations up to 90% on total ERP support and maintenance costs.

Organizations can reallocate the saved budget and resources to strategic innovation projects or to meet short-term budget pressure. To learn more about how procurement professionals can lead the way to lower costs and improved support quality, download this white paper. The white paper covers the following topics:

  • ERP maintenance value gaps and how to get more value for your support spend
  • the role of third-party support for ERP in managing costs and support quality
  • a formula for calculating your estimated third-party support savings
  • ways to start building the business case for third-party support within your organization
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