Salesforce skills are in high demand. Likely, your administrators are stretched so thin they can barely keep up with incoming requests. Cost-effective support for complex projects, customizations or integration is hard to find. As your business requirements shift faster and faster, the need to solve day-to-day Salesforce issues and handle complex projects is more critical than ever.

Rimini Street can help with our award-winning support. For over a decade, our unique approach has helped our clients optimize their existing enterprise software investments, extend the life of and value of their enterprise software and respond to changing business requirements no matter how fast they change. Salesforce customers can take advantage of this same proven support.

Rimini Street Support Services for Salesforce provides:

  • The industry's fastest response times— 15 minutes guaranteed for priority one issues
  • A single source of contact— access to an expert engineer for all levels of support
  • Deep Salesforce expertise
  • Support for custom code and complex integration 

Rimini Street Support Services for Salesforce complements your Salesforce Success Plans and enables you to respond to business requests with speed and agility.

"Salesforce customers have thousands of service partners to choose from, yet very few service partners today have the ability to address such a crucial support gap by delivering cost-effective, personalized, responsive support."

Rebecca Wettemann, VP of Research, Nucleus Research

  • Optimize the cost of running Salesforce
  • Gain direct access to a highly-trained support engineer with customization and integration expertise
  • Focus on changing business requirements—not on integration or configuration issues

Supported Products

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
"Client satisfaction is the core value which motivates me to always provide a 5-star experience to my clients."

You deserve a support program engineered for you. With Rimini Street, you’ll find support engineers focused on providing the highest level of enterprise software support.

  • You’ll know your Primary Support Engineer (PSE) by name.
  • We guarantee a response to critical issues within 15 minutes.

Choose the plan that best fits your environment:

Support Services help you maximize the value of your Salesforce platform and ensure ongoing optimization and maintenance.

Support Plus Managed Services enables you to offload daily administrative, configuration and enhancement tasks to expert certified engineers that may be otherwise difficult to recruit and retain.

Project Services gives you access to expert engineers for your release updates, custom application development, ecosystem expansion, integration and data migration needs. Examples of Project Services include:

  • Code review and analysis including troubleshooting, best practices and recommendations
  • Custom development and integrations
  • Complex strategic services and solutions (e.g. mobility, technology roadmap, architectures, etc.)

SupportSupport Plus
Support Services
Named, Regional Primary Support Engineer
24/7/365 Support, Guaranteed 15-Minute or Less Response for Priority 1 Issues
Integration & Ecosystem Support
Custom Application & Platform Support
Performance Tuning Support
Configuring Security & Access
Strategic Advisory Services
Plus Managed Services
Application Administration & Configuration
Enhancements to Existing Customizations
Data Management, Data Export, Data Import Wizard
Reporting & Analytics 
Project Services available

Rimini Street Support Services for Salesforce

Tired of being brushed aside by large systems integrators who tend to focus on initial Salesforce implementations? Frustrated with a lack of Salesforce expertise? Get the support you deserve.

Discover our cost-effective, ongoing support for your Salesforce ecosystem— and empower your team to respond quickly to changing business requirements.