Find out why SAP customers are switching to Rimini Street.

Many SAP customers have encountered an unexpected roadblock on their way towards the cloud and digital transformation initiatives – SAP itself. Whether it is the high cost of running SAP, or waiting for the promise of S/4HANA, you are stuck and not able to innovate.

Over 1,600 active and Fortune-ranked clients such as Color Spot Nurseries, Nine West and PBF Energy (Fortune 500) -- and over 300 running SAP, have replaced their annual support with Rimini Street to:

  • Reduce their SAP total maintenance costs by up to 90% 
  • Receive higher levels of support service including customization support
  • Move forward with innovation to support their business  

Get More Value for Your SAP Maintenance Costs

Rimini Street delivers skilled engineering expertise available to help you maintain, monitor, extend and innovate your stable, highly functional SAP applications for at least 15 years. Our support services are guaranteed with a 15-minute response time for critical issues. Don’t just take our word for it. Compare for yourself.

Product Support ServicesRimini StreetSAP
Named, Regional Primary Support Engineer
24/7/365 Support, Guaranteed 15 Minute or Less Response for Priority 1 Issues
Customization Support Included
Minimum 15 Years Support Guaranteed
Named Global Account Manager for Each Client
Experienced Onboarding & Archiving Servies (100s of archives)
Security Support Services at No Additional Cost
Comprehensive Interoperability Support at No Additional Cost
Performance Tuning Support at No Additional Cost
Strategic Roadmap Services at No Additional Cost
Proactive Support Services at No Additional Cost
(Database Health Check, Architecture & Release Level Assesment, Hardware Monitoring)
Application & Repository Fixes
Documentation-Only Fixes
Configuration Support
Operational Support
Installation & Upgrade Process Support
Global Tax, Legal & Regulatory Updates

Ready to Go?

Take control of your SAP support strategy and shift your resources to innovation today. Every day you wait, you fall behind. Innovation waits for no one. Let’s talk.

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