It’s Time to Assess Your SAP Roadmap Options

SAP customers are feeling the pressure to adopt, or at least license S/4HANA now due to the planned end-of-support date for ECC 6 in 2025 and potential license audit threats. But most SAP customers (89% from a recent survey1) plan to run their stable and proven SAP ERP releases until S/4HANA matures and the ROI emerges. This has created a decision point for CIOs – stay on a vendor-dictated roadmap that benefits SAP or move to a Business-Driven Roadmap that benefits your organization?

Defer the cost and risk of having to choose SAP S/4HANA. Download our SAP Roadmap resource kit today!

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Rimini Street supports SAP customers no matter which path they choose whether it's continuing to run their stable and mature ECC applications or begin a re-implementation to S/4HANA. In fact we already support S/4HANA customers as well as ECC Business Suite customers, but we believe the majority of SAP customers will want to avoid the "Pay and Stay" with SAP and "Rip and Replace" to S/4HANA scenarios and chose to "Save and Innovate Now" with Rimini Street while keeping future roadmap options open.

In 10 to 15 years almost all SAP customers will be facing some "Rip and Replace" implementation. Who knows who the software winners will be then? SAP? Oracle? Microsoft? IBM? Salesforce? You will have many choices so why would you commit to an early-stage product like S/4HANA right now, when you could spend your precious IT funds on strategic projects that move the needle for your business today?  

Join hundreds of SAP customers who are taking Rimini Street to the future, which may include S/4HANA or potentially an even better system for their unique needs.  

Whether your ultimate destination is S/4HANA, an alternative modern application, or you haven't settled on a future platform, Rimini Street is your smart path forward. Rimini Street supports customers running SAP on all major releases, including S/4HANA, as well as customers planning an eventual reimplementation onto S/4HANA in the future after a smooth transition back to SAP.

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