Four Critical Factors to Consider When Making the 2025 SAP S/4HANA Decision for Your Business

FourCriticalFactor LPSAP customers are being forced to make difficult SAP application strategy decisions. SAP customers are feeling the pressure to adopt, or at least license S/4HANA now due to the planned end-of-support date for ECC 6 in 2025 and potential license audit threats. But many SAP customers plan to run their stable and proven SAP ERP releases until S/4HANA matures and the ROI emerges.

Based on your roadmap, you can run your current SAP ECC release for a minimum of 15+ years, while you direct funds towards other strategic initiatives, including the eventual re-implementation onto S/4HANA in the future. You could also move to alternate SaaS solutions. This eBook provides four critical factors to help decide what makes most sense for your organization.