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Considering SAP S/4HANA?

You've spent millions of dollars and countless hours implementing, customizing and tuning your SAP Business Suite. It's mature, robust and strategic to your business. Is moving to S/4HANA right for you? Or would it mean unnecessary cost, risk and disruption without a reasonable assurance of value?
Some companies that fit an early adopter profile may find an early investment in S/4HANA tempting. Other customers that SAP considers strategic to its company may have negotiating leverage with SAP to gain executive sponsorship and assignment of technical resources to an S/4HANA project that would help ensure success.

Rimini Street surveyed 208 SAP ERP licensees across the globe to gain insights into their strategies for their SAP ERP/Business Suite implementations. More than half find no compelling business case to move to S/4HANA.

Read our full report to learn what your peers are thinking and see their answers to these important questions:

  • Do you plan to fully reimplement your existing SAP system to S/4HANA? 
  • If yes, what best describes your full, multi-year cost projection for reimplementing on S/4HANA? 
  • If no, why have you not committed to S/4HANA?
  • Do you plan to continue to run your current, proven SAP ERP release?
  • Have you considered third-party support as an alternative to SAP support?

Check out their answers in our report.

More than 1,450 Companies have made the switch to Rimini Street

$2B Total client savings to date

15 Minute response SLA for critical issues

15 Years average experience of assigned engineers

More than 1,450 Companies have made the switch to Rimini Street

“We try to avoid change and associated costs that the business is not asking for. By switching to Rimini Street, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat of our investment and change schedule in the years ahead.”

Mark Wikingstad, Chief Information Officer, UCI International