We are Engineered for Support

Rimini Street is the global leader in providing independent enterprise software support services to nearly 1,300 active clients. We enable licensees of Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft and other enterprise software to enjoy ultra-responsive support, save up to 90 percent on total support costs and free up funds to drive innovation.  

On this street, you'll find smart and passionate support engineers. Experienced professionals committed to a single, vital goal: to provide the finest in enterprise software support. You'll know your Primary Support Engineer by name, not by waiting to hear who picks up your call. Our unmatched personalized service, combined with top-tier ERP expertise reduces business risk and disruption because we are dedicated to your success. We've got your back. Contact us today!


Companies have made the switch to Rimini Street


Total client savings to date

15 Minute

Response SLA for critical issues

15 Years

Average experience of assigned engineers

You Deserve More from a Support Program

On Rimini Street, you can liberate your resources to focus on higher-value initiatives and get beyond just keeping the lights on. Unlike SAP and Oracle, Rimini Street is built for support. We respond to your issues within minutes and provide an array of value-added services built to extend the life of your ERP platform for as long as you need.

Imagine time freed to focus on what your business really needs

What if your teams could focus on revenue-generating projects?

What if more of your budget could fund innovation?

Innovation Agility
Meet your business and innovation needs now, not later

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More than 1,450 companies worldwide have made the switch to Rimini Street.