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The Siebel customer experience is changing, as industry analysts believe Oracle is reducing its commitment to Siebel due to the vendor's shift of the majority of its resources toward cloud applications and services. The reality is that it could be years before cloud applications can fully replace on-premise products as Oracle's next-generation customer experience (CX) solution leverages Siebel CRM at its core, surrounded by new cloud applications.

The Siebel CRM product roadmap continues through the year 2020 but contains no new must-have features, only annual Innovation Packs, which consist largely of enhancements to earlier existing functionality or specific industry capabilities. Innovation Packs also contain integrations to new Oracle Cloud applications and services, which require their own licenses and support agreements to use.

There Is No Siebel 9 on the Roadmap! Siebel will continue to be supported by Oracle through the year 2023, but the vendor has made no mention of any future releases beyond the current 8.2 release.

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